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Over 85% of clients have significantly benefited from LENS.


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The results are often seen quickly.


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Many clients see a change with the first session.


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These benefits are lasting.


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What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is the direct training and observing of the brain in live time while ‘retraining’ the brain. LENS Neurofeedback is considered non-traditional neurofeedback. It is also called EEG Biofeedback, because its basis is in electrical brain activity, electroencephalogram, known as EEG. Its purpose is to self-regulate which is a necessary part of optimal brain function and performance. The training targets specific areas of the brain to help create new neurons and neural pathways thus allowing the nervous system to function better.

Brain Development in Children and Teens
Brain X-ray with Neurons

What Is LENS?​

LENS stands for Low Energy Neurofeedback System, a method developed by Len Ochs, Ph.D., in 1990 as a non-medication alternative for addressing mental health issues. Unlike medication, which targets the chemical system, LENS focuses on the electrical system of the brain. It has gained global recognition, being utilized in over 30 different countries.

This specific type of neurofeedback is known for its rapid efficacy compared to traditional methods. It’s particularly suitable for individuals who struggle with sitting still, as the client doesn’t need to actively participate during sessions. Typically lasting only a few minutes, LENS is ideal for those who have difficulty maintaining attention for extended periods, as required by traditional neurofeedback.

Remarkably, over 85% of clients have reported significant benefits from LENS Neurofeedback Therapy, with positive results sometimes noticeable after just one session. Over one million individuals have undergone LENS treatment, and the software continually analyzes data to enhance its performance and provide ongoing education for practitioners.

What can LENS Neurofeedback Therapy help treat?

LENS addresses various issues related to brain dysregulation. In addition to the ones mentioned below, LENS can also prove effective in alleviating concerns such as headaches/migraines, chronic pain, stroke recovery, symptoms associated with autism and ADHD, fears/phobias, trauma, emotional disturbances, mood disorders, focus issues and brain fog, tantrums, anger, balance, tremors, lack of motivation, and degenerative brain disorders like Parkinson’s and dementia.

  • Addiction
  • Behavior
  • Concussion/Trauma (TBI)
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Sleep
  • LENS therapy can help self-regulate your brain, reduce cravings, and restore healthy brain function. Whether addressing underlying issues with substance dependency, behavior, or eating disorders. 

    • Lack of clarity about emotions, self-comforting 
    • Defensiveness, argumentative, cynicism 

    Sensory skills that may have been missing or incomplete in early brain development, as well as other behaviors that manifest as dysregulation. Addressing underlying issues with brain-based training has proven to have lasting changes and reduced symptoms.  


    • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 
    • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) 
    • Concentration, impulsiveness, disorganization, memory and clarity

    A concussion or traumatic brain injury, if left untreated, can last for years. LENS promotes the growth of new brain cells and connections in affected areas. Post-brain training is common for clients to regain their quality of life. 


    • Headaches, fatigue, memory loss 
    • Mood changes 
    • Attention issues 

    Life presents us all with experiences of anxiety, depression, and stress. LENS Therapy unlocks these patterns through brain mapping (QEEG) to identify areas of dysregulation. With consistent training, the brain learns to regulate and reduce these symptoms, providing lasting effects on everyday life. 


    • Problems of anxiety system activity 
    • Persistent “anxiety,” restlessness, rumination, agitation, distractibility 
    • Difficulty breathing 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder can negatively impact one’s day-to-day life for years. LENS Neurofeedback Therapy locates the affected area(s) of the brain and restores optimal function. 

    • Headaches, fatigue, mood changes 
    • Agitation, restlessness, sleep interruption 

    LENS is proven to help the brain calm down at bedtime, allowing most clients to fall asleep naturally, restore natural sleep rhythms, and stay asleep. 

    • Restlessness 
    • Sleep interruption 
    • Agitation 

How Does LENS Work?

The LENS Neurofeedback Therapy System has been approved by the FDA. LENS is a proven non-invasive therapy for optimizing brain performance. The therapy relies on EEG-based technology to deliver low-amplitude electromagnetic energy to the scalp. Remarkably, the intensity of this energy is comparable to that of a watch, with radio frequency waves being 4,000 times weaker than those emitted by a cell phone.

 LENS operates as a disruptive technology, effectively interrupting dysfunctional brain patterns and allowing the brain to recalibrate in specific areas. The brain responds positively to this low-energy signal, as stronger signals would trigger a defensive response. The therapy’s results can significantly enhance the client’s quality of life by reducing or eliminating previous symptoms. Sessions are brief, typically lasting 3-5 minutes, and are gentle, with most clients not feeling anything during the session. The effects of the therapy are enduring, although progressive conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s may require ongoing treatment to maintain progress.

Lens Software

What to Expect When Receiving LENS Neurofeedback Therapy

After being seated in a comfortable chair in a relaxing environment, your LENS-certified practitioner applies tiny electrodes to the scalp to measure the brainwave activity and deliver treatment. This information is analyzed via the computer software and provides information on the client’s brainwave frequencies. Through a patented process, it then sends this information back to the client’s brain through the sensors, interrupting the maladaptive patterns. The sessions are painless and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the client’s physiology and sensitivity. Results can be seen in as little as 1-4 sessions, with the average number of sessions being 11-12. LENS is an exceptional option for all individuals from as young as six months. It is also highly effective in animals. 


Embracing a heart-centered approach to healing, our commitment lies in enhancing the performance of the brain, nurturing the spirit, and fostering the vitality of the body. Each practitioner brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the healing fields.



Felicia G.

“Lifesaver is an understatement! LENS Neurofeedback has changed my life! I was suffering from childhood ptsd, depression, ADD, anxiety and right before I found Maureen I was spiraling! I was on the verge of losing my husband and kids!!! I drove two hours one way not knowing if neurofeedback would work or even help.. immediately after my first session I felt the elephant come off of my chest! I was no longer anxious! So once a week I made the two hour drive and each week got better and better! I’m no longer the depressed, inpatient, angry pothead mom and wife! For the first time since I’ve had my kids, I have been calm during birthday parties and holidays! I’ve learned to set boundaries with my narcissistic mother and I can see her without feeling like her presence is suffocating me! If it wasn’t for Maureen and neurofeedback I probably wouldn’t be here today to tell my story! I recommend her to everyone I cross paths with! Life is so much better when you have the ability to think clearly and your mind is regulated!!”
Amy G.

“We have been going to Nashville Brain and Wellness for the past 9 months for Neurofeedback for our daughter who has anxiety and ADHD. While it has not been overnight the results have been amazing. Our daughter is better able to adjust and function and Maureen is amazing. Maureen truly understands our daughter's needs and her input is invaluable. I recommend Nashville Brain and Wellness 100% for LENS Neurofeedback.”
Margaret O.

“After seeing such positive results with my kids, I decided to try LENS neurofeedback for myself. Not only did I have head trauma from my past but I also had a lot of emotional trauma. I have done a tremendous amount of cognitive and experiential work but I didn't realize what was still hanging on.....until it started releasing. I completely credit LENS Neurofeedback and Maureen for changing my life. I was able to see where I was still blocked and then simply address it and move forward. I didn't have to relive the trauma! It changed the trajectory of my life by releasing areas of my brain that were still suppressed. I am forever grateful to Maureen and to LENS neurofeedback. It has been such a positive blessing for our family.”
Maureen G.

“Nashville Brain and Wellness has been a lifesaver. Life in general, COVID, and just getting older have some coping issues. I did not want to get on any medication. I am in the medical field but I wanted to get to the source of my anxiety, etc., versus taking a pill. Maureen O' Sullivan, owner of Nashville Brain and Wellness, is my hero. She is an expert in this field of optimizing your brain! My anxiety and my constant worrying issues are so much better. Such a wonderful difference. My memory. which I thought was pretty good before I went is now much improved. I have been in a constant survival mode for most of my life and cannot say enough about how much my life has improved!! Thank you Nashville Brain and Wellness.”
Ashley B.

“Maureen has given my daughter hope and progress towards a better life. Her teachers and her guitar teacher can see the difference. No matter how small or severe your needs are Maureen, can help you.”
Tucker L.

“The combination of high impact sports and frequent falls while skiing were more than common during my young adult life. Luckily a helmet was almost always put to use when a head impact occurred. As I aged I noticed frequent headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue were growing into an almost daily nuisance. Since beginning LENS Neurofeedback Therapy sessions I can feel a noticeable difference in energy, attention span and headaches are seemingly rare. LENS therapy and the care of Maureen has had a life changing impact on me, an impact of which I will continue to explore.”
Greg W.

“LENS changed our lives. During the early part of the pandemic and lock-down, my teenage son had spent far too many hours playing video games and the reward center of his brain was over-firing. He then moved directly into online schooling. His brain was overloaded and he started getting really depressed and anxious. We discovered LENS Neurofeedback and within three sessions we had our son back! After several more sessions he is doing better than ever. We choose monthly LENS to help his brain function at its highest level.”
Mary A.

“As soon as I enter NBW, a calm comes over me. The atmosphere is totally Zen. I'd like to spend the day here <3.”
Jessica C.

“Maureen is the most genuine and compassionate human EVER! She explains everything in real time as well as follows up afterwards. My growth with LENS has definitely been advanced by her calm demeanor.”
Beth N.

“After being prescribed more than a dozen medications over 15 years for pain management, depression, and anxiety my mental and physical health had deteriorated to the point where I was barely functioning physically and cognitively (some of the medications had actually caused a type of traumatic brain injury). Prescription medications had caused me serious physical and cognitive impairment and I was determined to find a safer, more effective alternative. I did my research and learned all I could about LENS neurofeedback, and that’s when I found Nashville Brain and Wellness. From the moment I first spoke to Maureen (proprietor) I felt reassured and hopeful. Not only is she an absolute professional, but she cares deeply about each client – no “cookie cutter” treatment plans; everything is individualized. LENS neurofeedback has been life-changing for me! I’m off the medications and both my physical and mental/cognitive abilities are back! I have been re-born!”
Tom Y.

“I came in for some LENS to help my golf game. I had started developing the yips in my putting. A few sessions later I am much improved! Convenient location too.”