About Maureen

Maureen’s journey spans over three decades, deeply rooted in both the fields of healing and business. Beginning with her undergraduate studies in Recreation Therapy, she laid the groundwork for her lifelong commitment to helping others. Upon moving to Nashville in 1998, Maureen expanded her skill set by acquiring a Massage Therapy license. Over the course of more than 20 years, she cultivated thriving private practices, specializing in restorative techniques aimed at enhancing movement and optimizing overall function.

 In 2009, after receiving her first-born child’s autism spectrum diagnosis, Maureen made a temporary return to her native Canada. It was there that she established Therapy in a Bin, a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting families with children facing autism and other developmental delays. Over the ensuing 12 years, Maureen dedicated herself wholeheartedly to this mission, crafting specialized products designed to address the unique learning needs of every child. 

As Maureen embarked on assembling a therapy team dedicated to whole brain learning for her children, driven by her second child’s autism spectrum diagnosis, she found herself captivated by the concept of neuroplasticity. Each passing hour held significance, as she witnessed firsthand, through her children, the remarkable adaptability of the brain in forging new synapses and connections. It was during this period that she encountered traditional neurofeedback, and was impressed with its positive outcomes both for herself and her children. This encounter further ignited Maureen’s curiosity, prompting her to delve deeper into the study of this burgeoning field.

 After four years of dedicated efforts and witnessing remarkable progress in both of her children, Maureen found the opportunity to return to Tennessee. In 2013, she relocated both her family and the company back to Nashville, Tennessee.

 Several years later, Maureen experienced LENS Neurofeedback and was immediately impressed by its rapid effectiveness in inducing optimal changes. In a pivotal moment of clarity, she made the decision to sell Therapy in a Bin and embark on a new venture. With unwavering passion and dedication, she founded Nashville Brain & Wellness, marking the beginning of a new chapter focused on promoting brain health and overall wellness.

 Maureen’s passion for healing, coupled with her compassionate and heart-centered approach, sets her apart. Maureen doesn’t just stand beside her clients; she sits alongside them, sharing in their journey with empathy and understanding. Grateful for the challenges she has faced in life, she draws upon her own experiences to provide support and encouragement, instilling hope and facilitating healing in others. 

Maureen O'Sullivan

In addition to her professional pursuits, Maureen is an active contributor to her community. She served on the Nashville Mayor’s Advisory Council for People with Disabilities for five years, advocating for inclusivity and accessibility. Furthermore, she has been a frequent Guest Speaker on Autism at Vanderbilt University, sharing her expertise and insights to educate and inspire others.